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In addition to the CEEH reports, which can be downloaded via the link at the top right of this page, CEEH members are publishing scientific peer-review articles in international journals  


Kruse M., B. Sætterstrøm, J. Bønløkke, H. Brønnum-Hansen, E. Meulengracht Flachs and J. Sørensen (2012). Particulate emissions: Health effects and labour market consequences. (Accepted for publication in Journal of Environmental and Public Health, special issue on "Environment and Public Health Aspects of Cardiovascular Diseases".

Baklanov A. (2012). Megacities: Urban Environment, Air Pollution, Climate Change and Human Health Interactions. Chapter 10 in National Security and Human Health Implications of Climate Change. Editor: H.J.S. Fernando et al. National Security and Human Health Implications of Climate Change, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security, DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-2430-3_10, © Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

Brandt, J., J. D. Silver, L. M. Frohn, C. Geels, A. Gross, A. B. Hansen, K. M. Hansen, G. B. Hedegaard, C. A. Skjøth, H. Villadsen, A. Zare, and J. H. Christensen (2012). An integrated model study for Europe and North America using the Danish Eulerian Hemispheric Model with focus on intercontinental transport, Atmospheric Environment Vol.53 pages 156-176

Efisio Solazzo, Roberto Bianconi, Robert Vautard, K. Wyat Appel, Michael D. Moran, Christian Hogrefe, Bertrand Bessagnet, Jørgen Brandt, Jesper H. Christensen, Charles Chemel, Isabelle Coll, Hugo Denier van der Gon, Joana Ferreira, Renate Forke! l, Xavier V. Francis, George Grell, Paola Grossi, Ayoe B. Hansen, Amela Jeričević, Lukša Kraljević, et al. (2012) Model evaluation and ensemble modelling of surface-level ozone in Europe and North America in the context of AQMEII,  Atmospheric Environment, Volume 53, June 2012, Pages 60-74

Efisio Solazzo, Roberto Bianconi, Guido Pirovano, Volker Matthias, Robert Vautard, Michael D. Moran, K. Wyat Appel, Bertrand Bessagnet, Jørgen Brandt, Jesper H. Christensen, Charles Chemel, Isabelle Coll, Joana Ferreira, Renate Forkel, Xavier V. Francis, ! Georg Grell, Paola Grossi, Ayoe B. Hansen, Ana Isabel Miranda, Uarporn Nopmongcol, et al.(2012). Operational model evaluation for particulate matter in Europe and North America in the context of AQMEII, Atmospheric Environment, Volume 53, June 2012, Pages 75-92

Robert Vautard; Michael D Moran; Efisio Solazzo; Robert C Gilliam; Volker Matthias; Roberto Bianconi; Charles Chemel; Joana Ferreira; Beate Geyer; Ayoe B Hansen; Amela Jericevic; Marje (2012). Evaluation of the meteorological forcing used for the Air Quality Model Evaluation InternationaI Initiative (AQMEII) air quality simulations. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 53, June 2012, Pages 15-37

Renate Forkel, Johannes Werhahn, Ayoe Buus Hansen, Stuart McKeen, Steven Peckham, Georg Grell, Peter Suppan (2012) Effect of aerosol-radiation feedback on regional air quality – A case study with WRF/Chem. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 53, June 2012, Pages 202-211


Baklanov A., A. Aloyan, A. Mahura, V. Arutyunyan, P. Luzan (2011). Evaluation of source‐receptor relationship for atmospheric pollutants using approaches of trajectory modelling, cluster, probability fields analyses and adjoint equations. Atmospheric Pollution Research, doi:10.5094/APR.2011.045. PDF file of the “Accepted Article” in Atmospheric Pollution Research is now available online at: http://www.atmospolres.com/accesstext.html

R.B. Nuterman, A.V. Starchenko, A.A. Baklanov (2011). Numerical model of urban aerodynamics and pollution dispersion. Int. J. of Environment and Pollution, 2011 - Vol. 44, No.1/2/3/4  pp. 385 - 393

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Penenko, V., A. Baklanov, E. Tsvetova, A. Mahura (2011) Direct and Inverse Problems in a Variational Concept of Environmental Modelling.
Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 169, Number 3, 447-465, DOI: 10.1007/s00024-011-0380-5. From the issue entitled "Special Issue: Data Assimilation and its Applications".

Baklanov, A.A., U.S. Korsholm, A.G. Mahura, A.S. Zakey, K.P. Nielsen, R.B. Nuterman, B.H. Sass (2011) Physical and chemical weather forecasting as a joint problem: two-way interacting integrated modelling.  AMS-2011, Paper 7.1, 8 p., http://ams.confex.com/ams/91Annual/webprogram/Manuscript/Paper181508/AMS2011_paper_7-1_fv.pdf


Zvingilaite E. (2010) Human health-related externalities in energy system modelling the case of the Danish heat and power sector. Applied Energy Volume 88, Issue 2, February 2011, Pages 535-544, doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2010.08.007 See abstract here

Kruse M, Sørensen J, Gyrd-Hansen D. (2010) Future costs in cost-effectiveness analysis: an empirical assessment. European Journal of Health Economics 2010 Sep 28. See a summary here

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Nuterman R.B., Baklanov A.A., and Starchenko A.V.  Application of microscale model for development of urban canopy parameterization scheme for mesoscale models, Українській гідрометеорологічний журнал, № 4, P. 6 (in press).

Baklanov, A.: Chemical weather forecasting: a new concept and methodology of two-way integrated meso-scale modelling. In: Mesometeorology and Air pollution. Special Issue of Ukr. Hydrometeor. Journal / Українській гідрометеорологічний журнал, № 4, 12 p. (in press).

Zvingilaite, E. Human health-related externalities in energy system modelling. Conference paper at the Dubrovnik conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Dubrovnik- Croatia – 20 September-3 October 2009 (In Press)

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Ole Hertel, Martin Hvidberg, Matthias Ketzel, Lars Storm and Lizzi Stausgaard
A proper choice of route significantly reduces air pollution exposure -- A study on bicycle and bus trips in urban streets
Science of The Total Environment Volume 389, Issue 1, , 15 January 2008, Pages 58-70. ScienceDirect    See the abstract here

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Lise M. Frohn, Mikael S. Andersen, Camilla Geels, Jørgen Brandt, Jesper H. Christensen, Kaj M. Hansen, Ole Hertel, Jytte S. Nielsen, Carsten A. Skjøth, Gitte B. Hedegaard, Peter V. Madsen og Lars Moseholm (2008), 'EVA - Et modelsystem til estimering af eksterne omkostninger relateret til luftforurening', Miljø og Sundhed, vol. 14, nr. 1, s. 7-13.
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