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Centre for Energy, Environment and Health (CEEH)  is a strategic research center.
CEEH is a collaboration between scientists from different research fields, with the mission to develop a system to support planning of future energysystems in Denmark, where both direct and indirect costs related to environment, climate and health are considered. The centre will work with a number of different realistic scenarios for the quantity and type of the future energy production and associated emissions.

CEEH is funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, and run over 5 years from January 2007. It has finished June 30. 2012, but the work with the assessment of air pollution is still ongoing.

The work in CEEH is documentet in a series of scientific reports published on this site. The CEEH scientific reports can be seen here -->

Esben Meulengracht Flachs PhD report:
"Construction of a Health Impact Assessment Model - with applications to smoking and air pollution"

New CEEH report:
"CEEH’s beregning af helbredsomkostninger fra luftforurening i Klimakommissionens fremtidsforløb”

See the report (pdf) (in danish) 

See the press release  (in danish)

New CEEH report:
"Assessment of HealthCost Externalities of Air Pollution at the National Level using the EVA Model System

See the report (pdf)

Air pollution has significant negative impacts on human health and well-being, which entail sub-stantial economic consequences. We have developed an integrated model system, EVA (External Valuation of Air pollution), to assess health-related economic externalities of air pollution resulting from specific emission sources or sectors. The EVA system was initially developed to assess externalities from power production, but in this study it is extended to evaluate externality costs at the national level from all major emission sectors. In this report we estimate the impacts and total externality costs from the main emission sectors in Denmark, represented by the 10 major SNAP categories. Besides of these major categories, we assess the externality costs from international ship traffic in general, since this sector seems to be very important. Furthermore, we assess the impacts and externality costs of all emissions from the northern hemisphere simultaneously to estimate the total health related externality costs from the air pollution levels in general and these results are compared to other similar studies. Both for the international ship traffic and for the general air pollution levels, results are presented for present and future conditions up to the year 2020.

Article about CEEH in the EU publication: Public Service Review, Issue 20, p568-570

Link to the issue here

The Energy conference was a great succes

The tree Danish strategic research projects, CEEH, CEESA og REBECa held a joined conference 31/5 - 2/6 2010. Among the invited guests were researchers from all the scientific dissiplines represented in CEEH. See more about the conference heer -->  See photos from the conferemce -->
See the programme and selected presentations -->
Link to the conference homepage
Download the conference leaflet

CEEH's statusreport 2010 to the Danish Council for Strategic Research, Programme Committee for Sustainable Energy and Environment 

See the report here

See CEEH poster (pdf)

See CEEH presentation leaflet

See the CEEH workprogramme for the first year (pdf)

The First CEEH Energy Externality Workshop was held February 6 and 7 at Risø - DTU, Roskilde, Denmark -
see the programme -see the presentation

PhD – projects:

See more about the CEEH PhD project