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9/8 2010
New article in Environmental Health: Airborne particulate matter and mitochondrial damage

22/7 2010:
New article in Environmental Health:

Socioeconomic position and health status of people who live near busy roads: the Rome Longitudinal Study (RoLS)

July 2010:
New updated version of the Danish Energy Agency's technology catakouque

8/12 2009
New article in BMC Public Health: Long-term particulate matter exposure and mortality: a review of European epidemiological studies

27/11 2009
Articles in The Lancet about The health benefits of tackling climate change- see summary

17/11 2009
News from WHO: Climate Change and Global Health: linking science with policy

30/10 2009
Environmental Sciences special issue: "Energy Efficiency: how far does it get us in controlling climate change?"

22/10 2009
New report from NERI :Ship emissions and air pollution in Denmark - Present situation and future scenarios

21/10 2009
First European Energy Conference,  Barcelona 19-23 April 2010

20/10 2009
New report from WWF: Climate Solutions 2:Low-Carbon Re-Industrialisation

31/8 2009
New report from The Danish Society of Engineers (in Danish). IDA klimaplan 2050 - baggrundsrapport

20/8 2009
New article in Public Health about effects of longterm exposure from airpollution

28/2 2008
New article about the relationship between air pollution problems and air pollution

New papers about aitpollution and mortality/health
in Rome and in England

26/2 2008
New article about late health effects of air pollution occured in 1960-70s Japan

30/1 2008
Energy conference in Pakistan, August 10-12 2008

25/1 2008
New environmental review from OECD

23/1 2008
Presentation of the European Commission's Energypackages

15/1 2008
New Journal: "Energy Efficiency"

10/1 2008
New report from the Infrastructure-commission (danish)

3/1 2008
New journal: Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health

25/10 2007
New report from United Nations Environmental Programme

10/9 2007
New publication in "Environmental Health" about air pollution and heart fallure

31/8 2007
New book about energy and environmental policy: Energy and American Society – Thirteen Myths

24/8 2007
New publication in  "Environmental Health" about particles health effects

13/7 2007
New report about outdoor air pollution and infant mortality

13/6  2007
News from Equity, Health & Human Development

22/5 2007
Press release about health and energy

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