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Poster presentation with the first results in CEEH

CEEH annual meeting 2010

24 october 2008 was held a joint workshop with the projects REBECa and  CEESA

PhD projects in CEEH

The first CEEH workshop 6. and 7. February 2008

New PhD student

Brian Sørensen is a new CEEH PhD student at NBI.

Brian Sørensen is one out of four master thesis students, which together with Professor Eigil Kaas made up a CEEH-workgroup, working with improvements of numerical schemes. The four students have all finished their theses. The other three students were Ayou Buus Hansen (now CEEH PhD student at NERI), Joakim Refslund Nielsen (is now publishing together with Eigil Kaas) and Allan Christensen.
See the students activities here:
Joakim Refslund Nielsens midway kollokvium
Joakim Refslund Nielsens master thesis kollokvium
Ayoe Buus Hansens master thesis kollokvium
Allan Christensens master thesis kollokvium
Brian Sørensens master thesis kollokvium

New member of the steering board

Allan Gross has moved to NERI, where he continues working with CEEH. Roman Nuterman (DMI) replaces Allan in the steering board and Alexander Barklanov is taking over the WP5 leadership.

2 members are back from leaves

Jakob Bønlykke is from first of May back from his leave, where he has finished his education as a physisist specialised in work and environment. Marie-Louise Siggaard-Andersen is from August 2009 back from maternaty leave.

PhD defence

Ulrik Korsholm's PhD defence is held 30. March 2009 - see the abstract here

New PhD students and Postdocs

Ayoe Buus Hansen from NBI has started a PhD project at NERI first of March 2009.
Esben Meuhlenracht Flachs has stated e PhD project at NIPH first of March 2009.
Roman Nuterman has stated as a CEEH postdoc at DMI.

Olexandr Balyk has been emplyed as a research assistant at Risø

New member of the steering board

Mikael Skou Andersen (NERI/AU) is replacing Jesper H. Christensen (NERI/AU) in the steering board. Mikael has played a central rôle in building up the operational EVA system at NERI. Mikael is a specialist in makro economi and will work together with Jan Sørensen (SDU) on the economic validations in CEEH.

New CEEH PhD student

Erika Zvingilaite has been applied as a CEEH PhD student at Risø DTU beginning April 1'st 2008 - see further

Scientific progress and milestones

A detailed working programme for the comming year has been carried out - see milestones and activity plan for 2008
See the status report of April 2008
See the workprogramme (pdf)
See the milestones for 2007

The First CEEH Energy Externality Workshop was held February 6 and 7 at Risø - DTU, Roskilde, Denmark - see the programme - see the presentations

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