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The three Danish stratigic energy research centers, CEEH, REBECa and CEESA organizes the

International Conference on Energy, Environment and Health – Optimisation of Future Energy Systems

May 31-June 2, Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The objective of the conference is to enhance the collaboration between scientists from different research fields with the mission to establish a common framework for interdisciplinary based systems to support optimal planning of future energy production and consumption where both direct and indirect costs related to human health, the natural environment and climate change are considered.

To ensure the needed interdisciplinary approach the conference invites researchers from the scientific communities within atmospheric physics and chemistry, air pollution modelling, environmental sciences, energy systems, human health and environmental economy.

Submission of abstracts is invited within the following sessions:

Session 1: Energy System Modelling. Keynote speaker: Professor Henrik Lund, Aalborg University, Denmark

Modelling of energy systems, including conventional and renewable energy sources. Modelling of energy demand side, e.g. electricity, heating and transport. Integration of e.g. wind energy, biomass and hydrogen in energy systems. Integration of demand side in energy system models - saving, efficiency improvement and flexible demand. Energy system optimisation models.

Session 2: Environmental and Health Impacts Keynote speaker: Professor Steffen Loft,  University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Describe the link between air pollution and environmental and health impacts. Quantification of the impacts from different pollutants on respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as on terrestrial and marine eco-systems. To investigate the effect of the chemical composition on toxicological impact and the link to epidemiology. Quantification of the health impacts of pollutants on a macro-scale level based on statistical methods. Dose-response functions as well as critical loads and levels.

Session 3: Economic valuation.  Keynote speaker: Professor Susan Chilton, Newcasle University, United Kingdom

Economic valuation of health and environmental externalities. Cost of impacts from air pollution on human health and the natural environment, including e.g. valuation of statistical lives (VSL) and value of life-years (VOLY), Unit values applied for assessment of the damage costs of air pollution, valuation of morbidity and mortality effects, cost of climate change (what is the cost of one kg CO2).

Session 4: Integrated modelling.  Keynote speaker: Markus Amann, IIASA, Austria.

Integrated modelling of energy systems, air pollution, environmental and health impacts, economic valuation and climate change. Description of - and typical results from - integrated modelling frameworks that include one or more of the above mentioned components. E.g. integration of energy systems and air pollution modelling, integration of air pollution, health impacts and cost, or climate changes and energy optimisation modelling systems, etc.

Session 5:  Future scenarios for energy production and consumption:

Future scenarios for energy production and consumption with respect to costs related to the natural environment and human health. Optimisation of future energy systems including direct as well as indirect costs. Recommended scenarios as basis for optimal planning of future energy systems and solutions based on the interdisciplinary approach.

Conference Venue:

The conference will be held at the historical place of the Carlsberg Academy. This place was earlier a residence for the physicist and Nobel Price Winner Niels Bohr as well as other great personalities.

Extended abstract :

Extended abstrackts will be published in a book and distributed at the conference. Details for extended abstract submission will follow later.

The conference is held as an activity within Centre for Energy, Environment and Health (CEEH), funded by the Danish Research Council. This scientific conference is open for all interested parties. For more information about the centre, see www.ceeh.dk.

Contact e-mails:  Lise Frohn (lmf@dmu.dk), Kenneth Karlsson (keka@risoe.dtu.dk) or Jørgen Brandt (jbr@dmu.dk)

See more about the conference on the Conference Homepage

Dato: 19-Jul-2010