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First CEEH Energy Externality Workshop - Presentations

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Introduction to Energy Research at Risø DTU , National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy , Technical University of Denmark - Hans Larsen, Head of system analysis department HLCEEHWs060208.ppt (6.97Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Introduction to CEEH - Eigil Kaas, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Kaas-intro.ppt (506kb) 14-Feb-2008
CEEH Energy System Optimisation - Kenneth Karlsson, Risø - Technical University of Denmark EnergySystemOptimisation.ppt (1.45Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Atmospheric Pollution Models - Allan Gross, Danish Meteorological Institute CEEH_DMI_2008_1.ppt (5.30Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Determination of dose-response functions in CEEH - Jacob Bønløkke, Aarhus University Jakob_CEEH_foredrag_feb_2008.ppt (602kb) 14-Feb-2008
The EVA integrated modelsystem - Lise Marie Frohn (presented by Camilla Geels), National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University EVA_integrated_model.pdf (10.88Mb) 01-Jul-2008
The importance of demographic changes - Henrik Brønnum-Hansen, National Institute of public health, University of Southern Denmark Henrik_ceeh_workshop_February_2008.ppt (1.20Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Valuation issues - Jan Sørensen, CAST, University of Southern Denmark ValuationIssues_06022008.ppt (1.07Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Global macro-economic, energy and environmental scenarios - Brian D. Fath, IER, Germany CEEH.ppt (3.09Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Biomass & Bioenergy Potential and Technology, Claus Felby, Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen CEEH_seminar.ppt (1.82Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Toxicological and human clinical studies with PM and diesel engine emissions including the effect of particle traps - Flemming R. Cassee, RIVM, The Netherlands Cassee_CEEH_Roskilde_050208.pdf (7.39Mb) 21-Feb-2008
Impacts of climate change on air pollution levels in the Northern Hemisphere - Gitte Brandt Hedegaard, National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University CEHH-_Gitte_Hedegaard.ppt (1.95Mb) 14-Feb-2008
The Pan European NEEDS-TIMES model - Markus Blesl CEEH_PAN_EU_NEEDS.ppt (635kb) 14-Feb-2008
The EcoSenseWeb integrated model - Markus Blesl, IER, Germany CEEH_Workshop_6_Feb.ppt (2.68Mb) 14-Feb-2008
The wider socio-economic considerations on changes in the energy system - Mikael Skou Andersen, National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University CEEH_msa.ppt (472kb) 14-Feb-2008
The most recent energy projection from the Danish Energy Authority - Morten Werner ceeh_0208.ppt (398kb) 14-Feb-2008
The significance of the CEEH research to DONG Energy - Per Ponsaing, Dong Energy DONG_Energy_and_CEEH-2008.ppt (4.77Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Coherent Energy and Environmental System Analysis (CEESA) - Poul Erik Morthorst, Risø - Technical University of Denmark CEESA_Morthorst_(0208).ppt (689kb) 14-Feb-2008
Environmental and Health Impact Assessment of Biofuels for Transportation - Steen Solvang Jensen, National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University Biolfuels_CEEH_workshop_Feb_2008.ppt (1.08Mb) 14-Feb-2008
Integrated Assessment Modelling: fullfilling the needs of a small member state - Steven Broekx, VITO, Belgium Integrated_Assessment_Modelling_in_a_local_perspective2.ppt (4.60Mb) 15-Feb-2008
Enviro-HIRLAM: An online coupled model for usage in CEEH - Ulrik Korsholm, Danish Meteorological Institute korsholm_ceeh.ppt (26.92Mb) 14-Feb-2008

Dato: 18-May-2008